How to Pass the Bar Exam 

by Lee Rudnicki, Esq.


Entertainment Lawyer

LEE RUDNICKI is a Los Angeles-based entertainment lawyer with 17 years of experience.

His background includes time as in-house counsel with, Dreamworks Animation, Nova Television (then SiTV), and several Bay Area law firms, working as a litigator on behalf of clients like Clear Channel, Bill Graham Presents and the San Francisco Symphony.

Lee represents a wide ranges of music  film and television clients, including production companies, writers, directors, actors, songwriters, composers, film sales agents, drum corps, and sports figures. Lee is also a law professor, teaching entertainment law at The West Los Angeles University School of Law. Years of teaching background enables Lee to explain complicated contracts to clients in a clear and simple manner.

Producer and Director

Lee's unique skill set - a law degree (98), a music degree (91), and a screenwriting certificate (06), is a triple-threat in Hollywood. This background, coupled with international law and finance studies at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, Charles University, Prague, and UCLA, has taken Lee on a unique career path in Hollywood and foreign countries, both as an entertainment lawyer and a producer. 

To date, Lee has produced eight independent movies, and associate produced seven, most of which are international co-productions. He has extensive experience in production and distribution, and is currently serving as producer and/or counsel on several movies and an international television series. 

His directorial debut, the US-Japan short film Red Skies at Night - The Story of Flower, was completed in March 2016. The film features Japanese pop star Shizukain the lead role and is currently in submission to film festivals.  

World-Class Rudimental Drummer

Prior to law school, Lee was a world-class and award-winning rudimental snare drummer and instructor, with personal corporate endorsements with Pearl Drums (Japan) and Zildjian Cymbals (USA). Lee toured the country many times, and wrote music for drum lines throughout the United States and Japan. 

Lee was a member or instructor of the following organizations:  Reading Buccaneers, the Crossmen, the Garfield Cadets, the Santa Clara Vanguard and the San Francisco Renegades. In 1989, Lee won the DCI World Championship, as a member of the Santa Clara Vanguard percussion staff. The corps set a world record score that stood for over a decade. Lee is currently the entertainment lawyer for The Blue Devils.

Professional Biography