Film and Television Production.

​LEE RUDNICKI has extensive film and television production legal experience.  Lee can draft all types of production agreement, and represents or has represented producers, production companies, and the talent side as well - directors, screenwriters, cinematographers, actors.  Lee spent a large part of 2016-2017 working in Rome, Italy as production counsel and a producer on the feature film Wonderwell, starring Carrie Fisher and Rita Ora.

Lee drafts and/or thoroughly reviews all contracts to be used by a film or television production, to ensure that every contract will pass the chain of title review when you sell your movie, TV or web series.

The legal review includes, without limitation, the following areas:

  • Definition of Services
  • ​Union signatory status
  • Rights to Work Product
  • Droit Morale
  • ​Publicity Rights and Restrictions
  • ​Compensation
  • Credit - On-screen, Paid Ads -- also, check for presence of credit 'escape hatch' in all agreements
  • No obligation to use results and proceeds
  • ​Warranties and Indemnification
  • Assignment
  • ​Governing law
  • ​No Injunction
  • ​Contingent Compensation - Lee will work to ensure that: (i) you get audit rights to the financial records; (ii) you will get regular financial statements and updates; and (iii)  the financial definitions of your royalties or net profits is fair and transparent.

Production legal work is done on a hourly or flat fee basis, based upon the budget of the project and scope of legal work.  

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Lee Rudnicki - Entertainment Lawyer