Legal services in development typically fall into the following areas: ​

  • Entity formation -  i.e., forming an LLC or corporation to assemble the rights and/or financing to produce a film
  • Option Agreements  - i.e., agreements to acquire the rights to a book, life story or other source material, to serve as the basis of a film or TV program 
  •  Talent Services - i.e., a contract to hire an actor, to hire a writer to rewrite a script etc. 
  • Development Financing - i.e., a transaction to acquire development funds, often to produce a pilot episode, short film or other promotional material to serve as a demo for a larger budget project
  • Talent Attachment Letters - Simple documents, often non-binding, used to attach actors to a film or television program, to assist in acquiring financing or additional cast


I negotiate, review and draft all types of financing agreements, including equity financing via a private placement memorandum (PPM) and international co-productions.  I have successfully drafted the financing documentation on films up to and above a $ 20M budget range.


I serve as production counsel on films and television programs, scripted and non-scripted, negotiating and drafting all agreements needed for production and clearance.  My contract production expertise includes, without limitation, the following agreements: director, cinematographer, producer, casting director, actor, location, production manager, sound designer, choreographer, stunts, composer, musicians, editor, sound editor, colorist, animators 


I have extensive experience in international distribution and licensing, including theatrical, experience that includes having served as counsel for the film distributor and sales agent Eleven Arts, for over a decade.  

​​​Lee Rudnicki​

Attorney at Law, P.C.